Dad shuts down trolls in epic way after being attacked online for 'gay' gift to 2-year-old son

Online trolls attacked an Iowa dad this week after he shared a series of photos of the gift he built for his son’s second birthday.

But that dad, Andrew Hook, didn’t sit back and take the abuse. Instead he fired back and shut the haters down in a pretty epic way.

Hook’s son Owen likes to help in the kitchen. So his dad decided to make his son a play kitchen.

Hook says he went to Goodwill and spent $20 on an old entertainment center. Then he used that to build the new kitchen which features a sink, LED burners, a chalkboard and lots of other unique details.

Hook posted about his DIY success on Reddit only to have trolls attack him.

“You are what is wrong with your country,” wrote one commenter. “I hope your kid gets beat up at school.”

Another commenter said the kitchen ‘seems a little gay to me.’

Still another commenter even used an offensive gay slur aimed at Hook’s young son.

Hook was having none of it.

He fired back on Reddit.

“Let me be perfect blunt,” he wrote. “F--- you.”

Hook wrote that if his son wanted a Barbie doll he would buy it for him.

“If that is what he wants, then that is what he wants,” wrote Hook. “It’s his decision what he wants to play with. Not mine.”

That response shot to the front page of Reddit and the vile comments were quickly deleted.

Hook’s photos and his response went viral Thursday with parents across the internet applauding.

“The amount of positive comments we have received has been amazing,” Hook told Q13 News.