Customers seeing more security following mall stabbing

LYNNWOOD-- Lots of shoppers are heading back to the mall following Christmas, but in Lynnwood, Alderwood Mall is re-opening following a stabbing there on Christmas Eve.

Police say a 30-year old shopper was stabbed outside the J.C. Penney store. The victim was apparently trying to break up a fight between two teens and the 19-year old suspect turned on him with a knife.

Other shoppers jumped in to stop the attack.

Police call it an isolated incident, but with more large crowds around the mall, many are on guard.

“It becomes a concern when big crowds congregate” said Chris, a shopper going into the Apple store at Alderwood. “It’s an opportunity for people to do things that are quite unfortunate.”

Alderwood Mall management won’t comment on any safety changes, but we noticed security vehicles in front of many of the entrances, and other shoppers told us they are seeing an increase in security.

“When I arrived, there was very clearly an upgrade in security around, so that was nice,” said Grace. “It was noticeable.”

Police say that victim has non-life threatening injuries, while the suspect has been booked on first degree assault.