Customer headbutts employee during fight inside Walmart (VIDEO)

LA PORTE, Texas – A fight between two women in a Walmart escalated to the point where one woman headbutted the other and the entire thing was caught on camera.

KTRK-TV in Houston tracked down one of the women seen in the video to try and piece together what lead up to the brawl.

Jessica Albitz told the television station she and her husband had gone to the Texas Walmart for tax help the previous day. She said she and an employee there, Alice Keener, got into an argument.

"She came in in a bad mood, and so she took it out on us," said Albitz. "She was very rude to us."

Albitz told KTRK-TV she came back the next day and saw Keener and that’s when the two began exchanging words.

That exchange of words lead to the fight.

Police were called and KTRK-TV reported that Albitz was cited for trespassing.

There is no word on whether Keener will face any charges.

WARNING:  The below video contains graphic and offensive language.