Crystal Mountain opens its slopes to skiers and snowboarders

Ski season is here at Crystal Mountain! The ski resort opened its slopes to skiers and snowboarders two days ahead of schedule thanks to all the snow in the mountain and the dry and cold conditions that allowed the resort to make additional snow.

Derek McKee took his two children skiing after a morning filled with remote learning.

"It's frankly one of the few things you could do. It's not comfortable being indoors, certainly in the city. We haven't been to a restaurant for 7 months so it's a good way to be outdoors and burn some energy."

Steven Grubb and his crew make a guys ski trip every year.

"We're all skiers and this is our home right here," said Grubb.

And home looked different this year with Covid-19 related rules and safety precautions in place. Under current state guidelines, the resort has limited capacity to 30%. Masks are required and only outdoor dining is allowed. Transactions are cashless and you have to make a reservation online. Riders say there are perks to the new regulations.

"The way that they have it set up, to make reservations this year, makes it safer for everybody. It also makes for less people up here so we get better snow all day. It's actually working out for the best," said snowboarder Justin West.

While 2020 has been a bumpy ride, early snow is making for a smooth ride into this year's ski season.

"Snow was amazing and it's great. It's unbelievable that the snow is this good this early in the year," said skier Ross Wolf.

Snowboarder Ricky Clousing adds, "It's good to be out here. It's a nice break from the patterns of life down in the city."