Crook with a strange strut caught on camera stealing package

BONNEY LAKE -- A thief with a unique walk is caught on camera stealing packages from a home in Bonney Lake.

Owen Langdon hopes someone will recognize the man in his high definition security video and call police after the suspect limped over to his front door and stole two packages from his porch.

"He’s all over the place," Langdon said.  "So I’m assuming he’s under the influence of something, but I noticed, it was like he had done it before you know?”

The suspect in the home video is very casual during the crime. The video shows the thief pick up a garbage can and bring it to the home. The thief looks around for a moment and then runs to a getaway car holding the loot.

"Either he needs help or he needs to be caught, and I feel not just bad for him but frustrated that it’s probably been going on a while," Langdon said.

Langdon says crime is getting worse in his Bonney Lake neighborhood. He just installed a new mailbox that locks after finding out that someone has been stealing his mail.

If you know the man in the video who stole Owen Langdon's packages you are asked to call police.