Crocs declines comment on lawsuit after 2-year-old's foot 'de-gloved' in escalator

HONOLULU -- Footwear maker Crocs isn't commenting on a Texas couple's lawsuit alleging negligence after their 2-year-old son's foot got caught in an escalator at a Waikiki resort.

Crocs, Inc. spokesman Patrick Rich said in an email Thursday that company policy is to not comment on pending litigation.

According to the lawsuit the boy was wearing Crocs when his shoe got stuck in the escalator. According to the lawsuit, the escalator "completely de-gloved" the toddler's left foot, requiring emergency surgery. The Dallas family was at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in 2014 for an oral surgeon convention.

The lawsuit says the Crocs shoes were "negligently and improperly designed," while the Hilton Hawaiian Village was also negligent in maintaining the escalator's safety.

The lawsuit also names Hilton as a defendant. Hilton representatives didn't respond to messages seeking comment.

According to the lawsuit, Crocs knew as early as 2008 that children suffered severe injuries when the shoes got trapped in small spaces on escalators.