Cowboys owner stands by Greg Hardy after graphic photos in domestic violence case released

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New photos obtained by Deadspin show the injuries that former Carolina Panthers player Greg Hardy allegedly inflicted on his ex-girlfriend during an assault.

WARNING: Photos in this story are graphic

The alleged attack on Nicole Holder happened in Charlotte in 2014, while Hardy played for the Panthers.

Hardy, who now plays for the Dallas Cowboys, was convicted but had the conviction reversed on appeal and later expunged from his criminal record.

Police photos of Holder's injuries show abrasions, welts, bruises and cuts on her shoulders, face, neck, arms, back and foot.

Hardy told police that Holder attacked him. Two photos among the 48 pictures obtained by Deadspin show an injury to Hardy's face.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the NFL had to sue the state of North Carolina to get access to the photos from Hardy's case file, which had been sealed. Some of the photographs in the gallery below appear to repeat; they are in fact distinct images of the evidence photos, shown at different levels of light exposure.