COVID-19 safety precautions vary for families this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving plans are coming together for families who spent it apart last year. Health officials said if everyone is vaccinated, it’s safe to celebrate, but certain precautions are still a good idea.

"It is absolutely critical for us as we get into the holidays that we continue to do everything we can to get vaccinated. Help our families, including our kids, get vaccinated and certainly even the issue around boosters," said Dr. Umair Shah, WA Secretary of Health. "Hopefully we can start to see the pandemic in our rearview mirror at some point, but certainly we’re not there yet."

The State Department of Health is reminding people that testing is another tool people can use ahead of holiday gatherings.

"Over the counter at-home tests are a great option. These are relatively low cost. They won’t require an appointment. You don’t need to leave your own home. Plus the results are ready in 15 minutes or so," said Lacy Fehrenbach, DOH Deputy Secretary for COVID-19 Response. "While we know we’re not yet out of this pandemic, we are grateful for everything you have done to keep yourself, your family and our community safer and healthier in the most challenging of times."

If you develop symptoms or become exposed to COVID-19, state health officials said to go get tested.

If you become sick or have symptoms, the CDC said do not host or attend a gathering this holiday.

"I’m going to be heading over to my son’s, who lives in Sultan. So I’ll be visiting him and his family," said Michelle Burdette of West Seattle. "A smaller group, a place that can support space is actually going to make you feel safer too and I think that’s a big part of it. I think the, ‘do we all have our vaccine’ is definitely a conversation."

"[The children] are not fully vaccinated so you know for the most part we’re not changing behavior significantly until they are, so will have a small gathering with family, all of whom are vaccinated. We’re doing our best to keep all the kids safe still," said Kelley Dwyer of West Seattle.

"We’re all under one roof now so it makes things a lot simpler. Cooking, traveling, it's all streamlined," said Robert Cardona of West Seattle who is sharing a home with his parents. "My parents are in great health, as is the rest of my family, so we’re fortunate that everyone is doing well despite the pandemic."

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