Court documents: Man kidnapped co-worker's son, took him to motel

TACOMA -- A 69-year-old convicted sex offender faces more sex crimes charges for allegedly kidnapping a co-worker's son and taking him to a local motel room.

Charles William Wunder, a Tacoma transient, worked with the victim's mother at a Tacoma Denny's restaurant and offered to watch her 8-year-old son behind the restaurant while she was at work. Not knowing Wunder was a sex-offender, the mother agreed, court documents show, believing the two would simply hang out together behind the restaurant.

But when the mother left work to check on her son, she saw that Wunder and the boy were gone.

The mother called police, and just as police arrived to take a statement, Wunder and the boy drove back into the parking lot . Wunder told police he simply took the boy to a fast food restaurant and to the waterfront to look at boats. But the boy said they went to a motel room in Fife, where the two sat on the bed.

After the boy's statement, Wunder allegedly admitted to taking him to a hotel and touching the boy's leg. However, he denied anything sexual happened, saying he grew sick that he "couldn't control his urges" and drove the boy back to the restaurant.

The boy told investigators Wunder asked him to keep secrets, but declined to talk about what happened in the hotel, court records show.

Wunder was arrested and will faces charges of first-degree kidnapping, attempted child molestation and failure to register as a sex offender. He is being held in Pierce County Jail on $1 million bail.

Wunder was previously convicted of second-degree molestation and third-degree assault in 2008.