Could selfies make you less likeable?

New research from WSU could help you increase the number of 'likes' on your social media posts.

Psychologists asked college students from one university to look at dozens of Instagram posts from another university, and rate them based on things like self-absorption, self-esteem, extroversion, and success.

New research suggests "posing" for social media pictures is better-received than snapping a selfie.

They found that regardless of what the posts were about (friends, accomplishments, travel, etc) the people who took selfies were judged lower in self-esteem, lonelier, and less adventurous.  By comparison, people who posed for an Instagram picture taken from a distance (researchers dubbed them "posies") were rated more outgoing, more successful, and more dependable.  Observers even  thought "posies" had more potential for being a good friend!

Researchers didn't offer any conclusions about posting pictures of food, drinks, or scenery - but they did say that gym selfies are the least popular of all.