Copper wire theft at Edmonds Stadium delays Friday night football

EDMONDS, Wash. -- A cross-town rivalry football game between Meadowdale and Lynnwood High Schools was postponed after thieves stripped copper wiring from stadium lights.

“Friday night lights is super fun and everyone was here and excited,” said Hannah Doble who was at the postponed game on Saturday. “I was in the parking lot and I just see a huge crowd of everyone walking out.”

The damage wasn’t discovered until Friday night when athletics staff went to turn the lights on for Friday night football.

The game was canceled and rescheduled to Saturday at 4:30 p.m. to have plenty of time for daylight.

A spokesperson for the Edmonds School District says several of the stadium lights on the west side are damaged. The copper theft happened between Thursday night and Friday morning

“It’s disappointing that someone or a group of people would do this here at our schools,” said Harmony Weinberg, spokesperson for Edmonds School District. “This has had a ripple effect on the community. We also have soccer games that were scheduled for this week that we’ve now had to find a different location.”

Youth sports leagues in the community will be impacted to accommodate high school soccer games.

Weinberg said athletics staff are working on scheduling new locations and times for soccer and football games. The district will notify the community once those are finalized.

“It’s crazy I went to school here and this never happened before, and then I guess I found out today it’s been happening at multiple stadiums,” said Doble.

The Athletic Director for Meadowdale High School is in touch with other districts that have been targeted.

“We’ve heard from the Shoreline School District that they’ve experienced some copper wire theft as well as my understanding is Blanchet High School experienced this,” said Athletic Director Beth Marriott. “If it turns out are playing on a Saturday if you can make it happen, make it happen because it’s really about the kids. It’s about supporting them.”

Edmonds Police are investigating the copper theft as a burglary. Police say they have no suspect(s) information at this time.