Cooler weather chills out weekend plans at Lake Washington

You had to plan for much cooler weather if you were heading outside this weekend. We talked to some residents that spent their Sunday dodging raindrops at Lake Washington and wishing for summer-like temperatures. 

Although the temperatures struggled to get past 60 degrees for much of the day, Jaiming Li decided to take to the water this weekend in his kayak. He was hoping to catch some fish off of Matthews Beach.

After a cold, rainy spring, he's wishing for more sun in the weeks ahead, so he can hit the hiking trails. 

"It’s cold and wet and there weren’t many clear days," said Li. "I hope it comes. It’s already mid-June right? So, hopefully it gets warmer and hope the sun clears out more."

The National Weather Service reported that it was 95 degrees on the same date back in 2019. It's something folks found hard to believe given the current state of the weather. 

"Don’t they call it Juneuary?," asked Elsie Rockers. "I’m surprised it was 95 at one point." 

 Elsie and Ryan Rockers took the kids to the park during a break in the rain. 

"I’m always ready for the sun," said Ryan. 

"We saw the break in the rain, and we got on our bikes, and we rode the Burke-Gilman Trail up here, which was great," said Elsie. "We only had to pull out our jackets for just a minute, a little sprinkle, and we are glad that we made it all here with no rain."

Natalie Lange, 7, wasn't dipping her toes into Lake Washington on Sunday, but she said she'd like to hit the beach when summer like weather returns.

"My favorite beach is the beach that’s closest to my house, Edmonds Beach," said Natalie. "It would be more sunnier, and I’d be more happy."

Megan and Addy Nichols said they were just happy to escape the 100-plus degree temperatures in Arizona. They say they are looking at the bright side of the cold, wet weather.

No 'real' summer weather anytime soon in Seattle

If you're hoping for a touch of summer weather anytime soon in Seattle – don't get your hopes up. It'll probably stay cooler than normal for another couple weeks.

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"We love it. We are from Phoenix originally, so we like the rain," said Megan.

"If you have a garden, then you don’t have to water it as often and if it rains, you can have fun it the rain," said Addy.