Convicted child molester charged with rubbing his genitals on cars in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, Wash. – A convicted child molester was charged Tuesday after police said he was caught rubbing his genitals on cars outside the Lakewood Towne Center.

Vincent Wallace was charged with felony indecent exposure after the incident Saturday night.  Wallace isn’t in police custody, and a bench warrant’s been issued for his arrest.

According to court documents:

Wallace was thrown out of Wing Stop after urinating on himself, and headed across the street. Police said one witness told them that Wallace then exposed his lower half.

Somebody called the police and said Wallace was outside rubbing his genitals on parked cars. The police they said they found Wallace with his shirt open and his pants partially down, and that he seemed drunk.

Another man who was there told police that he was outside 24 Hour Fitness with his two young children when Wallace walked toward them with his pants down.

Wallace was also charged with indecent exposure in the past.