Convicted child abuser not allowed near Kitsap schools after alleged threats

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- A Kitsap County school district was granted a temporary protection order from a community member after the man allegedly sent threatening letters to various schools.

More than a dozen letters were sent from Larry Mann, a convicted child abuser, to various South Kitsap School District offices, the school district alleges.

The anonymous, threatening notes included "sexual content," references to suicide, anti-gay slurs and references to Satanism, court documents show.

"I feel alarmed, emotionally disturbed, and worried," a South Kitsap School District receptionist wrote to the court. "The sexual comments about school children is particularly disturbing to me, as is the reference to lynching."

Mann is prohibited from contacting the school, or being within 500 feet of any school district property, following a judge's ruling Thursday. The school district says students who spot Mann near a school building should notify administrators.

The school district sent an email to students and families alerting them to the legal action against Mann, as well as a copy of his photo.

Mann denies threatening anyone at school, court documents show. He says he is a target of the district because he is an outspoken critic of school bonds.

Mann signed the letters "Texas Momma" or "Prince of Darkness." The letters from "Texas Momma" mimicked a stereotypical southern tone, and called school leaders "retards." They also frequently referred to the district heads as "peckerwoods."

"All yall is a pit of rattlesnakes and need to be lynched as we say back home," one of the letters read.

According to the Kitsap Sun, Mann and his wife were charged with assaulting three children at their home in 2005. Some of the children were found tied with zip ties, and they were whipped with a hose.

Mann pleaded guilty to third-degree child assault and served eight months in jail.