Controversial radio show host Alex Jones arrives in Seattle, claims residents are 'brainwashed' to agree with terrorism

SEATTLE -- Polarizing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is in Seattle, calling out some Seattlites as "cult bots" who watch too much MSNBC and are "brainwashed" to agree with terrorism.

Jones, a controversial radio show host, posted a Periscope Twitter video Friday morning of him walking the streets of Seattle. In the video, he rants against the newspaper "U.S.A Today" and Seattleites, calling some of them "cowards" who are "flooding us with Jihadis."

"They have absolutely no idea of how brainwashed they are," Jones said.

Jones' website reaches over three million people monthly. Though he labels himself a journalist, many of his ideas and theories have been widely discredited.

Jones has called the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack a hoax, and was denounced by victims' families, politicians and the media. He also also called gay rights a "space cult extremism plot."

In the 14 minute video laced with profanities, Jones chases down what appears to be upset citizens who call him names. He is also dowsed with coffee during an apparent confrontation.

It was not immediately known why Jones was in Seattle. Or if any of the participants in the video were staged.

Buzzfeed News reporter Dominic Holden asked Seattle police if they'd received reports of people yelling at Jones. They're response, gently jabbing at Jones' conspiracy theory views, was retweeted multiple times.

Earlier this week, another conspiracy theorist came to Seattle to protest a statue of Vladimir Lenin. 

This story is new and will be updated as more information comes our way.