Construction projects snarl Seattle traffic this weekend

Road closures have been causing traffic troubles all weekend long in Seattle.

Drivers have had to use alternate routes to get across Lake Washington and to avoid lane closures on Southbound I-5.

Those FOX 13 News spoke with said they've had to become experts at finding another way around.

Neighbors along State Route 520 said they've gotten pretty used to the sights and sounds of construction, and the traffic headaches around Seattle aren't ending any time soon.

"It's been pretty bad. I mean it's been seven years of noise and dust and shutdowns," neighbor John Ogliore said.

For Ogliore, even just getting out of his neighborhood is a side street showdown.

He lives in Montlake, where work on State Route 520 has cramped everyone's commute this weekend.

The bridge across Lake Washington has been closed for construction as WSDOT said crews are hoisting 28 girders into place as they build a new lid over State Route 520.

"You learn the back roads, you know, like the bridge is closed today. If you need—our kids live on the east side, so you've got to go across I-90. You know, you've just got to time things and make adjustments," he said.

The Revive I-5 work has also caused traffic nightmares for people heading southbound between the Spokane Street and I-90 exits.

Crews there have been replacing expansion joints south of I-90 this weekend, meaning as many as three southbound lanes have been closed at a time near the stadiums, and the I-90 ramps to southbound I-5 have also been shut down.

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Matthew Hung finds riding a bike to get around has been faster so far.

"Tons of traffic, like everywhere I bike, there's… I always pass at least one construction site a day, so yeah, there's always traffic here," Hung said.

He said if there was ever a good time to start riding, it would be now, leaving the traffic jams, orange barrels and detour signs in the dust.

"I ride like every day, and sometimes I cross the highway just for fun and there's been times there's been a lot of traffic, and I remember which car is next to me and by the time I'm across 520, I don't even see them anymore," Hung said.

Westbound SR-520 exit to E Roanoke St shut down just a few days ago and officials said it won't reopen for about two months.

WSDOT said both roads will reopen at 5 a.m. Monday.

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Officials advise people who usually take I-5 to take alternate routes including I-405 or State Route 99, or they should consider using public transit.

Revive I-5 work is expected to continue during the weekends through September.

WSDOT has more information about these projects on their website.