Confident Seahawks fans booking flights for Super Bowl ahead of NFC Championship game

SEATTLE -- Seahawks fans are not just excited but confident the team will make it to the Super Bowl again.

In fact many have already booked their flights to Arizona ahead of this weekend's NFC Championship game.

“Yes, I am addicted to the Seahawks,” fan Loreen Anderson said, adding that she attended the last Super Bowl in which the Hawks defeated the Denver Broncos in New Jersey.

“It was the most wonderful time I ever had,” Anderson said.

She plans to attend this year's Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz., too.

Going to the game on the cheap takes a logistical mastermind.

“We are actually flying into Vegas because it’s cheaper than flying into Phoenix,” Anderson said.

From Vegas, Anderson and a friend will rent a car and make the nearly 300-mile drive to the Phoenix area.

Whether fans have been planning for a year or just a day, there are ways to save on flights.

“Make sure you look at the one-way tickets; you may have a better total fare flying down on one carrier, flying back on another,” travel agent Steve Danishek said.

Danishek, with TMA Travel, also says connecting flights are almost always cheaper than nonstops.

If you can`t find a cheap Vegas flight, Tucson is another option if a direct flight to Phoenix is too expensive.

“There is a two-hour drive from Tucson to Phoenix and the rental cars in Tucson are much less than Phoenix,” Danishek said.

As for a places to stay, Anderson's friend booked a timeshare a year in advance.

If you didn`t think that far ahead, check hotels outside the Phoenix area. Or research sites like Airbnb and Craigslist -- but call references before you book.

“If you are going to rent privately and the people have done that before say, 'Let me talk to somebody who was there last season,'” Danishek said.

But act fast and get creative. Two people could get to Phoenix for as low as $1,700; that includes rental car and a three-night hotel stay.

“We are in. I’m pretty excited about this, we are going to go no matter what,” Anderson said.

Her decision to fly into Vegas means the fun can go on even if the Seahawks don`t make it to the Super Bowl.

“We can stay in Vegas or we can take a car and go to Phoenix and do whatever,” Anderson said.