Company seeks pizza taste-testers – make up to $1,000 a day working from home

Portable pizza oven company Ooni is looking to hire people to taste-test its pizza – and they're paying between $300 and $1,000 per day, according to CNBC.

“We’re hiring multiple people for a number of Pizza Taste Tester roles,” the company said in a statement. “These roles will be a unique mix of recipe development, product testing and brand ambassadorship - pizza, pizza, and more pizza!“

Ooni will buy the ingredients and the lucky hires will be tasked with using the compact ovens to make and improve upon the company recipes, as well as to experiment with different pies.

Ooni co-founder Darina Garland told CNBC that the $1,000-a-day paycheck will go to candidates who can not only make outstanding pizza, but have an added skill, such as creating videos or experience performing demonstrations for large crowds.

Those making $300 a day might be "a passionate home cook who hasn't worked professionally," Garland said.

Taste-testers can be based anywhere in the world, and if you’re hired the company says it will send you one of their pizza ovens.

Applicants are asked to send a resume and a 1-minute video explaining why they are passionate about pizza. The deadline is Oct. 14.

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