Community rallies around lemonade stand robbed by thief

Neighbors in Tacoma are helping out a lemonade stand business run by kids after it was targeted by a thief over the weekend.

Two cousins, who are 10 and 13 years old, who own the stand had spent six months planning the business. 

During the hottest weekend so far this year, the cousins said a teen took advantage of their open register. As they were counting his change, he made off with $80. 

FOX 13 News’ Alejandra Guzman spoke with the business owners and they say they’re  not letting this theft stop them. 

"He reached his hand into the cash register and I just thought he was getting his own change or something and I shouldn’t have let him because it’s not his money it’s our and it’s not okay to just reach your hand into a kid's cash register," said 10-year-old Zaylani Juarez.

The cousins have since re-opened and said the business is better than ever because of their neighbors who came out to support them. 

The theft was reported to Tacoma police.