Community members on edge after Ballard man stabbed while trying to stop vandals

SEATTLE - Seattle Police say a 34-year-old man is in the hospital with serious injuries after two suspects stabbed him in Ballard Friday night.

The incident happened on the 600 block of Northwest 45th Street.

Seattle police say the two suspects were slashing tires along the street. Police say a bystander tried to stop their vandalism and the suspects stabbed him.

People who live and work in this part of town say this is usually a strong community, and it makes them question their safety.

"It’s really upsetting and scary for a lot of us who work here and have businesses that we own that we’re trying to build in this community,” said Liz Porcayo.

Porcayo works at a music venue near where the incident happened.

She says her customers, the people she works with, and the people who own the businesses along this quiet street are all close.

She says that’s why this incident is especially difficult, because she knows the victim of the stabbing.

“Lovely man; family man; he has a wife, very young, and I hope he’s going to be ok,” she said.

Porcayo says she’s on edge after Friday’s stabbing. She works late nights, and walks to her car alone.

“That’s what makes it so scary for us is that it’s in our front door, it happened in our corner, are they going to come back, or retaliate,” she said.

These two suspects are still on the loose. Police only described them as young men.

Q13 News reached out to Seattle Police on how you should respond if you’re ever involved in a crime, however they did not respond.

In an earlier story this week, King County Sheriff’s officials addressed a similar question.

"I would never suggest anybody confront any type of suspect in any type of crime. you just don't know what that person is capable of and you don't know what type of weapon they have,” said Sgt. Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Abbott says instead you should call 911 and get as much info on the suspects that you can while keeping yourself safe.