Community food-buying club to start in Ballard

SEATTLE -- Want to get great deals on bulk food but don't feel like signing up for a Costco membership?

A Seattle-area woman has a deal for you. She is starting a community food-buying club in Ballard.  It's called the Real Food Buying Club, according to the blog 'My Ballard'.  It's run by Kelly Schneyer, who's run food-buying clubs in Portland for several years.

It's a farm-direct bulk food buying club.  Schneyer says its mission is to "increase access to natural and local food options by purchasing in bulk and eliminating the middle man (i.e. grocery store), thus reducing food costs and keeping our families healthy."

She says the club uses strength in numbers to get wholesale prices on food.   She's creating an online catalog for users to order from.   Once an order is placed, it will be shipped to her house, where members will pick up their individual orders.

Her website says the club focuses on organic and natural meats, produce, eggs, milk, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, oils, and more.  Click here to learn more.