Parkland neighbors concerned about safety, health hazards from nearby homeless encampment

A woman reached out to FOX 13 about a homeless encampment in Parkland that is very concerning to her. 

The encampment is located on 149th Street between Pacific Avenue and C Street S.

The viewer did not want her name identified out of fear for her safety, but said she works in the area and has called 911 several times to report drug use, overdoses and theft.

"Crime, the garbage. I’m sure that they’re going to the bathroom outside. That’s a health hazard right there," she said. "Now they’re building, it looks like pallet houses or something, and making it to where they’re going to be permanently there. Somebody needs to do something about it."

A property records search shows the land is owned by Michelle and Terry Brink. FOX 13 reached out to them and are waiting to hear back.

Deputy Carly Cappetto said the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department recommends vacant property owners follow diligent maintenance to include cutting trees, decreasing shrubs and putting up secure fencing and security cameras.

"As a responsible property owner, we expect people to have certain things in place to protect their property and their homes from these types of encampments," said Deputy Cappetto. "We want to come out. We want to collaborate with property owners and homeowners and put solutions in place, but those solutions also have to be maintained because then this is what it turns into."

Social services have also been on the lot to offer help several times and a majority of people are declining services.

"They’ve told us that they’ve come from Fife, from their clean-up. We’ve also had some of the homeless people there come from Federal Way, after the Federal Way cleanups happened, so a lot of these transients are choosing not to receive services or help," said Deputy Cappetto.

The sheriff’s department said code enforcement is involved, and FOX 13 is waiting to learn the details of that process.