Commercial flights start Monday at Paine Field

EVERETT, Wash. -- On Monday, about 450 people will fly in and out of Paine Field in Snohomish County on its first day of passenger flights.

At 10 a.m., 76 people are expected to fly on Alaska Air from Everett, Washington to Portland, Oregon for the first passengers flight out of the new Paine Field airport.

“There is a lot of excitement,” said Brett Smith CEO of Propeller Airports.

Smith says construction on Paine Field Passenger Terminal took about a year. However, the project as a whole has been more than eight decades in the works.

“By the time the airport was completed World War II was breaking out,” he said.

Now, after more than 80 years the airport will consistently fly passengers out of Everett.

“Our goal is to get people from our front door to the gate area in ten minutes or less,” said Smith.

The airport has three parking options.

Valet will cost the most, at $20 for up to 3 hours and with a daily max of $40.

The next option is Premium which costs $5 every 30 minutes, with a daily max of $30.

Finally, Economy costs $5 every 30 minutes with a daily max of $20.

Customers can also use ride-share companies, to get to and from the airport. There are also rental car options only a few miles from the terminal doors.

On Monday, six different flights coming in and out of the new airport.

By the end of the month, with all flights operating, Smith says there will be 24 flights with about 1800 passengers coming in and out of the Snohomish County airport.

He says while the goal of some airports is the quantity of passengers, Paine Field Passenger Terminal’s goal is the quality of those passengers’’ experience.

“It will be a seamless experience,” he said.