Commentary: Seattle's newest sports theme is 'take no prisoners, make no excuses'

There's a refreshing new theme slowly being infused into our local sports scene.

We're seeing it with the Seahawks, and now the quest for an NBA team.

I call it, “Take no prisoners and make no excuses" and I love every bit of it.

The Seahawks aren't apologizing for beating down their opponents. In both games and free agency, they're not making excuses for dominating efforts. Fifty-eight point wins aren't excessive and the relentless pursuit of free agents doesn't end with Percy Harvin, but extends to Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, and Antoine Winfield.

John Schneider and Pete Carroll see blood and they're showing no mercy.

The word is "relentless", an aggressive attitude rarely seen in these parts, and the rest of the world is taking notice. That little, polite, somewhat sleepy city called Seattle isn't playing nice anymore. And I don't mind it one bit.

That same uncompromising theme is on display with Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer's quest for an NBA team. There is zero quit, zero apologizes, and a silent relentlessness that fires me up. We all understand the emotions involved, but we've also learned that it's simply a business. The NBA had made it clear to this point that expansion is not an option. We want the NBA, and Hansen's investment group is doing everything it can to get it for us.

There is nothing disrespectful about Hansen's venture. There's only a quiet confidence with a bulldog-like approach, going for the kill, with actions rather than words.

As I said before, "They're taking no prisoners, and making no excuses, letting their wealth and business acumen speak for themselves".

I can understand how some might feel uncomfortable. We haven't seen this kind or amount of hubris and ruthlessness in the Seattle sports world in awhile. It's new. It's different. It might be foreign to the ho-hum, happy-go-lucky personality this city is often pegged with from both the outside and within.

But let me ask the question. How many Super Bowls has Seattle won? How many World Series has it won? And does it still have an NBA team?

Maybe, just maybe, it's the unforgiving, ruthless attitude we need to get what we want.

I'll shake your hand after the game, but until it's over, anything's fair game.

And thanks to Carroll, Schneider, Hansen and Ballmer, Seattle is showing no remorse, and personally, I can't get enough of it.