Commentary: Hey Saints, Welcome Back to “The Epicenter at CenturyLink Field”


We start by altering the name of the Seahawks home stadium. When the Saints return to Seattle next weekend, they’ll be playing at “The Epicenter at CenturyLink Field.”

Earthquakes have been a unique storyline the last two times New Orleans has come to town. “Beastquake” in the 20-10 playoffs. And five small temblors in SODO just last month, some of them between a 1 and 2 magnitude on the Richter Scale. The Seahawks’ exciting play, combined with the 12th Man’s intensity and spirit, have caused the ground to shake whenever the Saints visit our city.

The word “Epicenter” has two main definitions:

    I’d say playing in Seattle is as unpleasant a situation as it gets for our opponents!

    By calling it “The Epicenter at CenturyLink Field,” we’re continuing the tradition of flaunting our accomplishments:

      The buildup for next Saturday doesn’t get much bigger. We all know, that as the Number One seed with home field advantage, this is the best chance we can have for a Super Bowl return. We also know that CenturyLink Field is ready to explode throughout potentially two big wins the next two weekends.

      For reference, the only other stadium I know of with the Epicenter nickname is home to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes – who play along the famous San Andreas Fault. For any overly sensitive objectors, we wouldn’t be glorifying a natural disaster any more than they do – or franchises like the San Jose Earthquakes…. The Carolina Hurricanes or Colorado Avalanche.

      I asked Pete Carroll what he thinks of the nickname ‘The Epicenter at CenturyLink Field.’ His answer? “That’s pretty good. That’d be pretty good. I’m not sure how substantial those tremors are, but as long as they keep happening, you’ve gotta think about it anyway.”

      Our coach likes it. So why not? We’ve seen the T-shirts. Now, let’s embrace the name.

      “The Epicenter at CenturyLink Field:” Where the ground is figuratively swelling, and thanks to the 12th Man, ready to literally shake.