Cold temps prompt WSDOT to treat bridges and overpasses with deicer

SHORELINE, Wash. – Don’t let the bright sunshine in our forecast fool you – temperatures for most of us will dip below freezing for the next few days potentially creating dangerous situations on the roads.

Many of us woke up to this morning across Western Washington to a foggy drive on our way to work. But since temperatures are expected to plummet in the coming days, the chances that fog could freeze is rising.

“We’re going to see really cold temperatures that could create some icy conditions along the roads, drivers need to plan ahead for that,” said WSDOT’s Tom Pearce.

That’s why WSDOT is warning everyone to be on extra alert during the next several mornings – and be on the lookout for crews treating roadways near you.

“It can be foggy in the morning - that stuff can freeze on the road,” said Pearce. “It’s called black ice because people can’t see it.”

Think about it – how many bridges, on-ramps or overpasses do you travel over on your way to work?  Chances are, beginning tonight, WSDOT will begin treating those with deicer.

So, not only should you be on the lookout for WSDOT trucks but also for slick conditions.

“That’s going to help keep frost from forming on the roads, ice can still form but it will help limit it,” said Pearce. “That will provide better traction for drivers who still need to be aware.”

WSDOT says it will likely be spreading deicer each morning through the rest of this week – so it’s a good idea for drivers to leave home a little earlier and add a little extra time for their commute.