Clinics cancel COVID-19 vaccine appointments because of delay in shots received due to weather

Clinics were forced to cancel scheduled COVID-19 vaccine appointments due to a delay in dosages arriving to the state because of winter weather impacts.

Snow across the country, delayed about 200k vaccines in route to Washington.

Because of this delay, clinics had to cancel scheduled vaccinations for folks this weekend and reschedule them.

According to the CDC, people should get their second dose as close as possible to the recommended interval of time, depending on what brand of the vaccine you received.

The CDC says if a delay in your second dose happens, the shot may be administered up to six weeks from the first dosage.

For some folks, these cancelations mean they’re cutting it close to that recommended timeline.

"I hear these different stories, that you want to have it {the vaccine} within 28 days, five weeks; six weeks is pushing it," said Susan Greenwood. "Oh great, we’re pushing six weeks, better than nothing I guess," she added.

Greenwood and her mom’s appointments were canceled for Sunday.

Over the last year, Greenwood has been in and out of the hospital, dozens of times, for cancer treatment. As the primary care provider for her mom, COVID-19 has been a concern for her the whole time, she said.

Greenwood says she will have a little piece of mind, when it comes to safety, when both she and her mom get the second shot.

Luckily, Greenwood was able to reschedule their appointments and plans to get the vaccine, for her and her mom, only a week after their original scheduled date.

The CDC reports there is not a lot of information on how effective the second dose is after six weeks.

For anyone whose appointment was canceled due to weather, you should have received a call to reschedule.