Climbers rescued after being stranded on Mount Rainier

MOUNT RAINIER, Wash. – It’s a miracle on the mountain; Four climbers were rescued from Mount Rainier Thursday morning after being stranded for days.

The four men began their ascent Friday but got stuck Monday. One was able call to 911 and dispatchers they were stranded more than 13-thousand feet up the mountain.

It took multiple attempts by rescue crews to reach the stranded men.

The four men from Oregon, New Jersey and New York had been stranded near the summit for several days – and they were stuck in one of the most remote parts of the mountain.

“Liberty Ridge is an extremely technical route, you are climbing up a backbone of rock and ice that is carved up by glaciers,” said Kevin Bacher.

One of the climbers were able to make a call to 911 Monday night – that’s when rescue crews began their search.

“They were sheltered on a narrow ledge and they had reported they had lost a lot of their gear because of something that had happened on the mountain – a big windstorm on Sunday night,” said Bacher.

And while the climbers could be seen from the air, bad weather and rough terrain meant rescue crews had to wait it out.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday, rescue crews tried again to reach the climbers, but bad weather kept them at bay.

Thursday officials say the four men climbed to a spot where a helicopter plucked them off the mountain in two trips.

“They were all alive, walking, talking and they are all going home to their families,” said Bacher.

The climbers were transported to Harborview Medical Center.  Officials say their cold weather injures are not considered life threatening.