Churchgoers in Snohomish County growing faith during Phase Two regulations

Religious and faith based organizations have found their rhythm after state guidance was updated back in August.

Calvary Fellowship in Snohomish County is following Phase Two guidelines - and expanded services.

“We’re really abiding by the Governor’s rules and regulations, while at the same time, just trying to make a space for people to gather because people need to be together and they need to worship God,” said Lead Pastor Riley Taylor.

There are four Sunday services in-person that welcome up to 100 attendees. Everyone wears a mask and seats are spaced eight feet apart. When you walk in, there’s single flow traffic that is guided by arrows.

“He hit on a high spot there, and I went home so happy. I was really happy, just like a little child having a nice ice cream or something, I was so happy to hear that message,” said Russell Weatherford, who's been attending services at Calvary Fellowship for three years.

Weatherford also attends the prayer meetings on Wednesday nights that the church holds across 30 small group locations.

“It’s a good thing to be able to express yourself, and if they come in here and they’ve been with the lord during the week they’re going to bring something into us and we’re going to be blessed by it,” said Weatherford.

Taylor said the experience of shutting down and gradually reopening has brought his church back to the basics of rediscovering their faith and finding love for their neighbors.

“One of the things we’ve been praying for is for God to bring what we call renewal to our region,” said Taylor. “I would love to see us progress, but God has us where he has us so we’re making the most of it.”