'Chosen': Documentary featuring local woman aims to educate girls about sex trafficking

SEATTLE --  When Brianna was in high school in a small town outside Vancouver, Wash., she had big dreams to move away and go to nursing school. At the time, she worked in a local diner.

“I had met an older guy who came into the restaurant frequently. He became a regular customer of mine,” Brianna, who is now 21, said.

Months went by and the man eventually convinced Brianna to move to Seattle. What she didn't know what that he was part of a sex trafficking ring.

“He said, 'You’re too pretty for this small town' -- he made it seem like it was this glamorous life he was living and why shouldn’t I be a part of it?,” she said.

Brianna was about to be sold into the sex trade.

“He wanted me to start stripping and lying about my income, saying I was a waitress to my family,” she said.

Now, Brianna is part of a documentary called 'Chosen', premiering in Seattle next week. The goal is to educate young women of the red flags to look for when these men are on the hunt for their next victim.

“We’re teaching young girls and young women to see the monster and the deception behind those charming eyes and those smooth talking lies. These guys are working fast and hard and they are good,” Brianna said.

Former Congresswoman Linda Smith produced the documentary through Shared Hope International, a group she started to rescue victims of the sex trafficking industry. Smith was there when police saved Brianna and said it's critical that other girls hear her story.

“I would love to have it at every school in the United States. These guys infiltrate the Internet, the phones. Don’t think your child is not vulnerable,” Smith said.

Chosen premieres Thursday, Sept, 26 at the Seattle Aquarium at 7:30 p.m.