CHOP shooting victim's dad finds strength in letters while manhunt continues for murder suspect

It’s been nearly seven weeks since Lorenzo Anderson, 19, died near the former occupied protest zone in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

This week, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office issued a warrant for Marcel Levon Long, 18, who faces a first-degree murder charge for Lorenzo’s death on June 20.

Seattle Police received information Long left the state immediately after the shooting, and he’s still at large.

“It hurts more. I used to coach him in football. I know his dad, you know what I’m saying,” said Lorenzo’s dad, Horace Lorenzo Anderson.

A witness told Seattle Police the shooting was the result of a long-running dispute that started a year ago when Long and Lorenzo got into a fight that was reportedly recorded then posted on YouTube.

The shooting near the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) was captured on a high quality business surveillance system.

Police received anonymous tips that the shooter is known by his street name “Celly Cell” on social media.

The investigation included witnesses who were inside the CHOP that night. One of them from the CHOP volunteer security force handed over evidence, including shell casings and bullet fragments.

Another witness was able to help police identify the suspect.

“I wish I had never seen it now, you know, because it opens up other wounds,” said Horace. “I think I’m stronger. I’m trying to be, you know. I got to be.”

Lorenzo’s 20th birthday passed two weeks ago on June 25. It’s just a day before his dad’s birthday on June 26.

Horace said he’s still heartbroken over his son’s death, but he is finding strength through letters from all over the country. They were written by strangers who merely want to share in the dad’s grief and send the family words of comfort and condolences.

“These people don’t even know me. This is incredible. To even see it, to even have it in my hands. I just want to tell them I appreciate you,” said Horace.

If you’d like to send Anderson’s dad a note, you can email him at

If you have information on Long’s whereabouts, you can call the SPD Violent Crimes tipline at (206) 233-5000.