Child pricked by dirty needle at Everett park

EVERETT, Wash. -- A child was pricked by a dirty needle at an Everett park last week, according to police.

It happened on Thursday at Garfield Park, right across the street from an elementary school. Parents are outraged.

Everett police say they have not heard from the family of the child who was pricked but did do a full sweep of the park.

Local community members also teamed up as part of a Take Back Our Neighborhood event Saturday to clean the park and surrounding ones.

"It's horrific, nobody's child should have to go through that," said Cate Harrington with Take Back Our Neighborhood. "We need to get together and fight this. We need to get out here and be cleaning up and pushing for a solution but we all have to work together with it."

Everett police say if you see needle activity happening on the streets or at parks, to call 911.