Chicago man sentenced to 6 years for distributing heroin linked to Bellevue man's overdose death

SEATTLE -- A Chicago man was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Seattle to six years in prison for distributing  heroin that was linked to the overdose death of a 27-year-old Bellevue man in 2013.

U.S. Attorney Annette Hayes said Kevin Campbell marketed and sold various drugs, including ecstasy, marijuana, steroids, prescription drugs, on the "dark Web."

In August 2013, Campbell sold heroin and prescription pills to a 27-year-old Bellevue man, who died after shooting up with heroin.

On a computer at the man's Bellevue home was the "Silk Road" website, an online black market  (since shut down) where illegal goods and services were anonymously marketed and sold. On the screen were messages from a vendor, later identified as Campbell's online identity. A DVD case used to send the drugs to the Bellevue man had Campbell's fingerprint on it, authorities said.

The federal investigation revealed that Campbell did not typically distribute heroin before selling to the Bellevue man and that he ceased selling heroin after the man's death, Hayes said.