Centralia homes evacuated after gas line rupture

CENTRALIA, WA - Neighbors were evacuated and unable to return to their home for more than an hour due to a gas leak.

Centralia Fire and EMS responded to a natural gas line rupture near St Helens Avenue and Lincoln Street. They say nearby residence evacuated, and other people in the area were advised to shelter in place, close all their windows and their doors.

“He hit the gas meter on the side,” said Laura Riddell.

Riddell says she saw the construction crew hit the gas pump. She tells me she told the crew to call 911 immediately.

Riddell lives far enough away from the scene where she didn’t have to leave her home, but others weren’t as lucky.

“We were just trying to get home, but we couldn’t,” said Lena Glidewell.

Glidewell says she had to wait nearly two hours before she was allowed back into her home.

She had a car full of groceries, but she says she was more concerned about her pets she was unable to get to while crews worked to stop the gas leak.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen, and sort of spark could have set it off,” she said.

Neighbors say they didn’t even think the gas lines were running to these homes.

“It shouldn’t have happened not at all, it should have been taken care of,” said Glidewell.