Cemetery worker claims woman screamed from coffin after being 'buried alive'

PERAIA, Greece -- People near a cemetery in Greece said they heard screaming and banging from inside the coffin of a 45-year-old woman who was buried just an hour earlier.

After the woman’s relatives left her funeral, nearby residents and a cemetery worker heard a woman’s voice shouting for help, according to a report by BBC News. They called police and then started digging up the fresh grave, but by the time they unearthed her coffin, the woman was found dead.

Police are now investigating claims that doctors, who had been treating the woman for cancer, wrongly declared her dead and that she suffocated to death while underground.

Some are skeptical, and a doctor who was at the scene in the town of Peraia, south of Thssaloniki, and examined the woman’s body said the woman had been dead for hours.

“I just don’t believe it. We did several tests including one for heart failure on the body,” Dr. Chrissi Matsikoudi told the Greek television channel MEGA.

According to reports, the woman’s family is considering filing a complaint against the doctors who treated the woman for cancer.