CDC director says safe return to school can happen without teacher vaccinations

On Wednesday, the director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said students can safely return to schools without teachers getting vaccinated, but some parents have concerns.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said schools can safely re-open even if teachers don’t have their COVID-19 vaccines. In Washington, schools have already been returning to in-person learning.

Governor Jay Inslee said teachers would not be moved up on the vaccine timeline but will be included in the next phase.

While officials believe in-person learning can safely happen without teachers getting the vaccine, some parents disagree.

"The teachers should be vaccinated. You do not want your next generation getting sick," said Crystal Stringham.

Stringham has two children who are in school.  She said the last few months of at-home learning have been a challenge, and she is ready for her kids to go back to school.

However, she is not ok with them returning to an environment she does not feel is safe for her family.

"My children are staying home and staying remote, as a parent, until I feel it’s safe," she said.

The CDC director’s statement is not an official recommendation. Officials with the Washington Education Association say they look forward to an official CDC report.