CDC: 9 in Washington state sickened by salmonella outbreak linked to backyard poultry

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Nine people in Washington state have been sickened by a Salmonella outbreak connected to backyard poultry. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington is among 38 states that have reported cases. 

As of Thursday, there were 219 illnesses, 27 hospitalizations and one death nationwide.

Washington resident sickened by salmonella outbreak linked to Jif peanut butter

There is at least one person in Washington state among more than a dozen people who have become sick due to the nationwide salmonella outbreak connected to Jif peanut butter.

The CDC said backyard poultry, like chickens and ducks, can carry Salmonella germs even if they look healthy and clean. These germs can easily spread to anything in the areas where the poultry live and roam.

"You can get sick from touching your backyard poultry or anything in their environment and then touching your mouth or food and swallowing Salmonella germs," the department said.

The investigation remains ongoing.