Caught on Camera: Thieves steal thousands of dollars of towing equipment

SEATTLE - The video isn't fun for John and Gail Chase to watch. It shows thieves cleaning out their business, after all.

Security cameras captured two people stealing thousands of dollars worth of towing equipment from ABC Towing - cutting through the security fence, peeling it back, then stripping the equipment right off the trucks.

"It's actually horrible to me to lose that much equipment and to work that hard and have somebody steal it in a matter of minutes," John Chase said Friday.

The company lost close to $3,000 in specialized towing equipment from its SODO facility last Sunday morning.

“The way they came in shopping - it looks like shopping - they know exactly what they want, they took what they wanted, and left everything else,” Gail Chase said.

Earlier last weekend, Crossroads Towing in Bellevue reported a similar theft. That one was even worse; the company said its equipment will cost almost $8,000 to replace.

“It was shocking on the same weekend to both be targeted and hit,” Gail Chase said.

Both companies say the equipment can only be used by tow companies and they believe it is the same thieves. The companies have filed reports with Bellevue and Seattle Police.  The Chases gave their security video to detectives.

“We have faith that the police will make an arrest,” Gail Chase said.