Card skimmers found in four South Sound ATMs

Card skimmers were installed in four WSECU drive-thru ATMs in Lakewood, Martin Way, West Olympia and Tumwater Town Center, according to a release from the credit union.

The skimmers, or devices that criminals install to extract credit card data for fraudulent purchases, were active for several days in October and affected both WSECU members and people who bank at other financial institutions.

The credit union has reached out to customers who used the ATMs while the skimmers were in place. Credit union members who have not already done so are urged to block and replace their cards and PINs. 

WSECU also reported non-member cardholder information to Visa for further action.

"As always, members are not responsible for any fraud that may occur on a stolen card. Still, we know account fraud is concerning and frustrating. We take this incident very seriously and are working with law enforcement on the case. We are also taking steps to increase the security of our ATMs," WSECU said in a release.