Car prowlers strike Eastside, rifle through 16 vehicles

SAMMAMISH, Wash. -- King County sheriff’s detectives are warning people in Sammamish about a pair of car prowlers that rifled through more than a dozen vehicles last weekend.

Police said the crooks got away with everything from pocket change to expensive tools and sports equipment – including a garage door opener detectives believe may have been used during an attempted burglary.

“We’re hoping that getting the video out there, somebody might recognize or may have seen something suspicious in that area that can help us catch these suspects that are doing this,” said Detective Jessica Santos.

Detectives believe the car prowlers busted into at least 16 cars last Friday night.

“We believe they’re probably related because of the close time in proximity of all the incidences,” Santos said.

Michael Sihon said the thieves found a jackpot in his truck, making off with expensive binoculars, clothing and his set of clubs.

“I’m glad they didn’t do any damage to the car,” he said, “That would have cost a lot more than these things that they stole.”

Police said half the cars that were hit were unlocked. The crooks also used a stolen garage door opener to try to break into one home while the homeowners were inside, according to detectives.


“We want our homes back, to be safe again,” said Santos. “We’re urging people to call the police, let us know what you know. If you recognize these people, report it. Let’s get these people off the streets.”

Police believe someone might be able to recognize the suspects by their walk and the clothing they wear. Investigators believe the two got away with more than $5,000 in property.

Bottom line, police said the best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim is to remove everything of value from your car even if its parked in the driveway.