Car prowler tries fighting, bribery and threats before Seattle police arrest him

SEATTLE – Seattle police said a suspected car prowler tried fighting, bribery and threats to get of being arrested early Saturday morning, but ended up in jail anyhow.

Around 1:20 a.m., a security guard saw three people prowling cars in a secure garage.

Two of the people ran off, but the guard caught one man and fought him before ultimately detaining him.

The guard said the man then offered him $1,000 to forget the whole thing, but the guard refused.

Failing that, the man then said he told the guard he had a gun. Police said the guard kept cool and restrained the man until officers arrived.

Officers found the man was telling the truth on both counts: He had almost $1,000 in cash and a gun on him, in addition to burglary tools and a small amount of heroin.

The gun was recently stolen from somebody’s car.

The suspect was booked into King County jail for burglary, assault and narcotics possession.