Car plows through home, killing elderly woman sitting in her bedroom in Lake City

SEATTLE -- A 72-year-old woman sitting in a recliner in her bedroom at an assisted living facility was killed Tuesday when a car crashed through the wall and hit her, authorities said.

The accident occurred just before noon at the home on 110th Street in the Lake City neighborhood in Seattle.

Police said an 88-year-old driver crashed into the home with a silver 2004 Mercedes Benz. The Seattle Police Department said the driver was in stable condition and there was no indication she was impaired.

Neighbors comforted each other outside after learning a resident of the assisted living facility for elderly adults was killed on impact when the driver crashed into the home.

“That’s way too close to comfort," said Henry Anderson, a neighbor.

He's lived next door since 2003 and says the owner of the home is well-liked by everyone. Neighbors say the owner lives upstairs in the split-level home and runs an adult care facility on the bottom floor.

"She takes really good care of her clients. I would have never expected this when I woke up this morning," said Andersen.

Richard Rice, 82, lives in the residence. He said they are very well treated and added that about five people live in the home. He came home from his exercise walk to find the car through the bottom-floor window.

"It must have been parked there and someone released the brake or something," speculated Rice.

The Seattle Police department said there was significant damage to the home from the impact. The car was towed out of the home shortly before 4 p.m.

"The car made contact with a person living inside the home," said Seattle Fire Department Lt. Harold Webb.

Webb said the elderly woman was sitting in a recliner in the bottom floor bedroom when she was was killed by the impact of the car.

"She did not survive? I bet her bed was right by that window, man, what a tragedy," said Andersen upon learning of the death.

The tragedy left a quiet neighborhood in disbelief.

"It’s really hard to see this happen in my neighborhood, especially because we’re a quiet calm neighborhood," said Precious Anetipa who lives next door.

The Seattle Police Department say the driver is in stable condition and there is no indication she was impaired in any way during the incident.

The crash is still being investigated.