Capitol Hill residents want to take their street parking back

SEATTLE -- Neighbors in a large section of Capitol Hill complain that commuters invade their streets, park in front of their homes all day and leave residents with no place to turn.

Seattle Department of Transportation officials say they have heard multiple complaints on the issue and held a community meeting on Tuesday night.

Jessica Ackers is a mother of an infant and said it's hard to juggle her child and hunt for parking spots around her home every day.

Ackers said, "There’s just too many people here with cars that are not supposed to be here. There’s not a parking permit in place over here. There’s no parking spots for people who do live here."

Several neighbors at the community meeting brought up public safety concerns.

Al Marks has lived in the neighborhood for over a decade and said the problem just keeps getting worse.

"I have friends who are women and they don’t sometimes feel comfortable walking through dark streets and neighborhoods where there’s no parking near the house," Marks said.

SDOT said it will continue to take public comment on the issue until February 29. The DOT will issue a decision in March.