Capitol Hill drive-by shooting caught on video; Seattle police boosting patrols

SEATTLE -- Gunfire ripped though a busy Capitol Hill neighborhood over the weekend, sending five people to the hospital.

The gunman is still on the loose. Those living and working in the neighborhood are demanding the city do more to make the area safe.

Witnesses said the shots came from inside a silver-colored car.

Seattle Police Department detectives are scouring surveillance video looking for clues; meanwhile, neighbors want more police on the streets.

The entire shooting was caught on a driver's dashboard camera.  It captured multiple shots being fired and then showed terrified people dropping to the ground to avoid the barrage of bullets.

Five people were rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds or cuts from flying glass; two are still recovering at Harborview.

“This has been coming,” said Colleen Langdon, who witnessed the shooting.

“As the shots continued I saw a girl get shot in the leg and a black male get shot,” she said.

Langdon works security at a nearby business and she said violent crime has only gotten worse on Capitol Hill.

“We have a huge gang problem out here and no one wants to talk about that,” she said.

“Gun violence, drug violence and gang violence are a problem on Capitol Hill,” said community organizer Shaun Knittel. “That is a fact.”

Knittle is frustrated and wants to know what happened to the extra police officers that SPD had walking the streets during the summer.

“We certainly don’t need to have gunfire be the soundtrack of our lives like it has become in this city over the past year,” he said.

Plywood now covers the shattered glass door at the QFC grocery store. Capitol Hill neighbors said more police are needed on the streets before another round of gunfire claims even more victims.

“We don’t need to be shot outside of grocery stores in drive-bys in our city,” he said.

Gang detectives said the victims in this shooting were being targeted.

SPD promised to boost patrols in the area.