Candlelight vigil held for Linda Sweezer, murdered in Kent

KENT -  A candlelight vigil held in Kent honored the life of 64-year-old Linda Sweezer. Investigators say Sweezer was murdered in her home earlier this week.

The Kent Black Action Commission, an organization that Sweezer was actively involved with hosted the vigil for Sweezer.

Sweezer was remembered among the community she spent a lot of time with. The people who showed up to honor her vowed her death would be used to shed light on violence not just in Kent but around the country.

“This is the last place where I saw her, right here, right where we’re standing. And to share that with people means a lot, and I’m sure she would be pleased by everyone that shows up,” said a tearful Gwen Allen-Cartson, a member of KBAC who knew Sweezer for the past eight years.

Between the hugs and words spoken “I feel like a light has gone out,” said Sweezer’s neighbor of 20 years.

The murder of 64-year-old Linda Sweezer at her Kent home in mid October has left some in this community puzzled.

“Why Linda, why this type of tragic, why such a brutal act to a woman who was so sweet and so caring,” said Allen-Carston.

For others, like Richard Johnson, also a member of KBAC, he says Sweezer used to call him a brother. He felt angered at his inability to protect her the night she was killed.

“I’m so mad that someone could do that to her,” said Johnson.

He added that he’ll channel the anger he feels to fuel a movement to stop violent crime.

“It just makes me want to stand up and say this needs to stop. We as men need to stand up and stop letting this happen to our women. And I really feel like this is going to be a catalyst for a movement, anti-crime,” said Johnson.

This Kent community remembers Sweezer as “A sincere, sweet, caring compassionate, willing to do what it took, she was a strong courageous woman,” said Allen-Carston.

A community Sweezer was deeply invested in will now have to learn to carry on without one of their own, but vow the light she brought to the community will continue to glow in Kent.