Can you help solve this magical mystery at Mt. Rainier?

MOUNT RAINIER, Washington – A local photographer happened upon a magical moment Sunday and captured it all with his camera.

Unfortunately he says before he could alert the two people who made the scene so special they were gone.

“I think I caught the tail end of a marriage proposal when taking this shot of Silver Falls in Mount Rainier National Park yesterday,” says Josh Murfield.

Murfield shared the resulting photo on the Q13 Facebook page where he explained the scene further.

“The guy at the top of the falls was on one knee in the standard position as I got ready to take the shot, and he then stood up and they kissed just as I snapped it,” wrote Murfield. “What a location for a memorable proposal!!”

Silver Falls is on Mount Rainier National Park’s eastside. The trailhead for the falls is off Highway 123 north of Packwood.

Murfield says he snapped the photo Sunday afternoon between 1:30-2:30pm.

“By the time I hiked over to that area above the falls the couple was gone,” says Murfield. “Too bad, I hoped to ask them if an engagement truly happened, and if so to share the picture with them.”

Beyond the photo there are few clues about the couple’s identity and Murfield says because of the way the photo was taken he can’t crop a closer shot to even see their faces clearly.

“I regret not zooming in on them closer, but had a wide angle lens on the camera and I would have had to switch lenses to get anything closer- they were gone from that spot before I could have done that,” says Murfield.

So it is now up to the internet to help solve the mystery.

Who is this couple and what’s the story behind the touching scene?


NOTE:  If you recognize the couple in the photo please send us an email and we’ll try to reunite them with the photographer.