Camera records naked intruder spending two hours in family's backyard

FOLSOM, Calif. - A man climbed into a Folsom family’s backyard Friday night and spent two hours on the property.

The woman and her daughter who live in the home were sound asleep. It wasn’t until the next morning that they learned through surveillance video about the man.

Lydia Wolfe-Clark first noticed something was wrong when she saw the hot tub.

“I haven’t used this in a long time. So, I knew that I wasn’t in this, and we didn’t have anyone over,” Wolfe-Clark told KTXL.  “That’s when I checked the cameras.

Surveillance video showed a man they had never seen before walking around their fenced-in backyard, even coming up to the sliding door and trying to get inside.

A door stopper prevented him from opening the door.

“My jaw dropped because I wasn’t expecting anyone, and then I continued on to the different series of the videos and I see he makes multiple attempts trying hard at the door,” Wolfe-Clark said. “And what made it even more weird, strange and disgusting is when I see him go off-camera and he comes back wet and naked.”

The man had taken a 30-minute nude dip in the hot tub.

“He was soaking wet and naked, and it was so disturbing. And he must have climbed out of the fence,” Wolfe-Clark said.

He roamed the property for two hours.

“Who knows what he would have done because if he's feeling comfortable enough to get naked in the backyard, to jump into somebody else’s fence and climb over, there’s something, in my opinion, that's seriously wrong. And I think that something else could have happened," Wolfe-Clark told KTXL.

Wolfe-Clark has filed a report with the Folsom Police Department and started beefing up security at the home she shares with her 10-year-old daughter.

For now, she is sharing the video with her community so that her neighbors stay alert in the event the unwelcome skinny dipper visits another family.

“I really, really am hoping that somebody will see this video and see who it is. And just to know that he's not going to do that again to anybody else, that's my biggest concern because the feeling is unsettling,” Wolfe-Clark said.

Folsom police said it appears the man was intoxicated and had likely mistaken the home as his own. They do not believe he poses a threat to the public because he did not hurt anyone or steal anything. They would, however, like to speak with him.