California dad arrested after 13-day-old boy savagely beaten, tested positive for meth

SANTA ANA, Calif. – A California father was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after his 13-day-old baby suffered a horrific beating, leaving him in critical condition with a skull fracture and internal injuries.

Jonathan Reyes was arrested after the boy's mother awoke to find the child badly beaten and brought him to an emergency room, the Santa Ana Police Department said in a news release.

Along with a skull fracture and internal injuries, the baby suffered multiple visible injuries to his face and body, and tested positive for methamphetamine.

Reyes is the child's biological father, and admitted that he used methamphetamine while he was supposed to be taking care of the child while the mother was asleep, police said. Reyes denied abusing the child.

Police said Reyes was out on bail for a robbery that took place in March. He was arrested and booked at the Orange County jail on suspicion of child abuse, as well as committing a crime while out on bail.