Businesses, homeowners and drivers prepare for heavy rain

SEATTLE -- With a storm expected to move into the area Thursday night, residents and business owners are getting ready for what's in store.

For Michael Pearson, a long day of rain means almost 40% less business for his walk-up coffee stand.

“We have to open every day, rain or shine,” Pearson said.

He hopes a temporary canopy will be enough to shield his profits.

“It will help,” Pearson said.

As Electric Cloud coffee prepares for heavy rain starting Thursday, hardware stores are reaping the benefits.

Worried about water in their homes, people are buying up roof sealants and water diverters for gutters.

"When the gutter comes down, trying to divert water away from the house," Jerry Smith said.

Sandbags are also selling fast, not just for flooding but snow.

"Put in the back of the vehicles, usually trucks, but sometimes cars. You need the weight for extra traction when it snows," Smith said.

And that traction on the roadway is something Greg Malone is worried about.

“I got my gear, clothing and got the car all ready to go,” Malone said.

Malone just siped his tires so he will be safer on slick roads.

“They put some extra cuts in the tires to help disperse the water,” Malone said.

Malone believes siping his tires will keep him more grounded during rainy weather.

“When you hydroplane in your car, you have no control over that car,” Malone said.

Crews across Western Washington have been clearing storm drain catch basins ahead of the weather. They are urging residents to do the same.