Businesses concerned over possibility of moving backward in phases

Washington State Department of Health officials said Wednesday some counties may need to step backward in the phased-reopening due to high COVID numbers.

Officials did not specify which counties are at risk for moving backwards, but several counties in our area are seeing numbers which push the threshold.

According to the numbers Pierce County is at 183.6 COVID cases per 100k people. The threshold is 200 cases. Passing the threshold could mean a county needs to move backward in phases.

"If we have to move back to Phase 2 or Phase 1, that will be detrimental to us," said Teresa Argeris.

Argeris is the head chef at Moshi Moshi in Tacoma. She says within the last few weeks, the business has picked up again. She says it’s even gotten so busy they have hired more people.

Stepping backward would restrict businesses like Moshi Moshi, for instance, like how many people can dine inside.

Argeris says that could mean they would have to lay people off.

"It’s a threatening idea, to be moving backwards," she said.

Numbers show King County is also close to the threshold at 182.6 per 100k people.

Snohomish county has more of a pad with 121 per 100k people.